MBA (Marketing Management)


Master of Business Administration (Marketing Management)

Year Semester Course Code Description of Courses Credit Nature of the course
F MBA51013 Accounting for Decision Making 3 Compulsory
I MBA51023 Business Economics 3 Compulsory
R Semester I MBA51033 Contemporary Management practices 3 Compulsory
S MBA51043 Managing Information 3 Compulsory
T MBA51053 Business Skills Development 3 Compulsory
MBA52063 Marketing Management 3 Compulsory
Y MBA52072 Human Recourse Management 2 Compulsory
E Semester II MBA52082 Strategic Management 2 Compulsory
A MBA52093 Corporate Finance 3 Compulsory
R MBA52103 Entrepreneurship 3 Compulsory
MBA52112 Management and Cost Accounting 2 Compulsory
SE MBA61014 Research Methodology 4 Compulsory
CO MBA61063 Strategic Brand Management 3 Compulsory
ND  Semester I MBA61073 Consumer Behaviour 3 Compulsory
Y MBA61083 Global Marketing 3 Compulsory
EA MBA61093 Integrated Customer Communication 3 Compulsory
R Semester II MBA6222C Dissertation (marketing) 15 Compulsory