1. I would like to know the qualifications a student should possess in order to be selected for the MBA Program.
    • Specific entry qualifications for the MBA program can be found on this web site. Generally, the entry qualifications of the MBA program is based on the Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework (SLQF) guidelines, which can also be found on this web site.
    • In addition to the educational qualifications, at least one year executive level experience is required. However, there are certain exceptions to this requirement and this can be inquired from the MBA office.
  2. Can I follow the MBA program online or in distance learning mode?
    • The MBA program of the University of Kelaniya is not offered online or in distance learning mode. It is a full time in-house program of two years duration. All the lectures are conducted on weekends from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm.
  3. What is the course fee of the MBA Kelaniya, duration for payment, and installments?
    • The course fee for the 9th intake (MBA Batch 9) is Rs. 450,000.00. The course fee is annually revised.
    • The course fee of the MBA program can be paid in two installments. The first installment will have to be paid before the commencement of the MBA programme. The second installment is expected to be paid at the end of the first year. Students are informed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies with regard to their payments.
  4. Please let me know the details of the MBA next intake. When will it start and the deadline for application?
    • The MBA program of the University of Kelaniya generally calls for applications in the months of April/May. We advertise on the Sunday Times, Sunday Observer and Daily Mirror and provide a thirty day window to submit applications. You can also provide your contact details to the MBA office as the staff of the MBA office calls the students who are interested in pursuing the MBA program when they advertise for the next intake.
  5. How can I apply for the MBA program?
    • Students can apply online via the MBA Online Application link on kln.ac.lk/fgs. The online application link is made active when the MBA office calls for the applications for the new intake.
  6. Currently I am following the Edexcel BTec Level 7 in Strategic Management & Leadership postgraduate diploma and I will complete it by September this year. After completing, can i join University of Kelaniya and do the MBA in HRM? I have 1 year and 7 months Accounting Executive Experience and 1 month Internship in HR.
    • As for specific entry qualifications, the nature of qualification will be assessed based on the Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework Guidelines. However, to apply for the MBA program, applicants must have completed their qualifications and obtain an official result sheet. Applicants with pending results are not considered. However, few exceptions are made for applicants with pending results and that shall depend on guidelines and policies implemented by the faculty and the university time to time.
    • Internship experiences are not considered as work experience. Applicants must provide evidence of at least one-year post qualifying experience at executive level to be eligible for selection.
  7. Can you provide the course content of the MBA Kelaniya?
    • The course content of the MBA Kelaniya can be found under the programme structure in the web site.
  8. Can you provide a booklet with all the information on your MBA programmes.
    • The most recent brochure of the MBA Kelaniya can be found on the web site. The MBA Kelaniya brochure can also be requested by sending an email to mba@kln.ac.lk
  9. I am interested in following the MBA program at the Kelaniya University. I kindly request the details of the MBA in in Accounting and Finance.
    • The first year of the MBA programme consist of core course units and it’s compulsory for all the students to complete the first year course units. The specializations such as Accounting and Finance are offered in the second year of the MBA programme. Students who choose the specialization on Accounting and Finance are required to complete four course units in the first semester of the second year and undertake a dissertation in the field of Accounting and Finance in the second semester of the second year. However, the final decision to offer specializations shall be made by the MBA Management Committee and it may depend on the number of students who are interested to pursue a particular specialization.
  10. What type of assignments and examinations are in the MBA programme?
    • At the commencement of the course unit the lecturers shall provide the students with a course outline that include information like the lecture schedule, continuous assessment and examinations, and other learning resources.
    • The weightage given to the assignments and examinations shall be included in the course outline. The nature of assignments shall depend on the course units. The end semester examination is of 3 hours duration.