About us

MBA Kelaniya program provides state-of-the-art management education to managers and mid-career professionals from all over the world.

Participants can follow the General MBA Programme or choose specialized one from following:

Choosing the MBA Kelaniya program means choosing

Tailored to Your Needs

You are unique – and so are your desires and interests. Therefore, the MBA Kelaniya offers you the opportunity to individually design your MBA according to your preferences.

Pursuing an MBA at Sri Lanka’s leading State University enables you to learn from a well-qualified internal and external faculty that will support you to enhance your management and cultural leadership skills.

Teaching Methodology

We change traditional classrooms to virtual classroom functions by adoption of Learning Management System (LMS) to the MBA lectures from February 2011. LMS proves to serve for; A notice board for up-to-date course information, student enrollment and tracking facilities, basic teaching materials, additional links to outside resources in libraries and on the Internet, self-assessment quizzes which can be marked automatically, electronic communication interaction between students and teachers, use threaded discussion forums and also video conferencing. We believe that adoption of interactive teaching and learning methodologyenables students to work and learn, and thereby making education more flexible for teachers.