Program Structure

Year Semester Course Code Description of Courses Credit Nature of the course
F MBA51013 Accounting for Decision Making  3 Compulsory
I MBA51022 Business Economics 2 Compulsory
R Term I MBA51033 Contemporary Business Management  3 Compulsory
S MBA51042 Managing Information 2 Compulsory
T MBA51052 Managerial Skills 2 Compulsory
MBA52063 Business Statistics 3 Compulsory
Y MBA52073 Marketing Management 3 Compulsory
E Term II MBA52083 Human Resource Management 3 Compulsory
A MBA52093 Corporate Finance 3 Compulsory
R MBA61012 Entrepreneurship 2 Compulsory
S MBA61022 Managerial Accounting 2 Compulsory
E MBA61023 Strategic Management 3 Compulsory*
C MBA61033 Research Methodology 3 Compulsory*
O MBA61043 Analytical Techniques & Research Skills 2 Compulsory*
N MBA61052 Strategic Human Resource Management 3 Compulsory*
D MBA61063 Managing Behaviors in Organizations 3 Compulsory*
MBA61073 Human Resource Development 3 Compulsory*
MBA61083 Human Resource Preventive Management 3 Compulsory*
Y MBA61093 Strategic Human Resource Management 3 Compulsory*
E Semester I MBA61103 Contemporary Issues in Accounting 3 Compulsory*
A MBA61113 Financial Reporting 3 Compulsory*
R MBA61123 Analysis of Equity and Fixed Income Investments 3 Compulsory*
MBA61133 Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 3 Compulsory*
MBA61143 Business Planning 3 Compulsory*
MBA61153 New Venture Financing 3 Compulsory*
MBA61163 Family Business and Succession Planning 3 Compulsory*
MBA61173 Strategic and Corporate Entrepreneurship 3 Compulsory*
MBA61183 E-.Commerce and Knowledge Engineering 3 Compulsory*
MBA61193 Project Management and Agile Enterprises 3 Compulsory*
MBA61203 Supply Chain and logistics Management 3 Compulsory*
MBA61213 Innovation and New Product Development 3 Compulsory*
Semester II MBA6222C Dissertation 15 Compulsory**

*Students are supposed to select 04 subjects as per the selected specialized fields as outlined in the following table


Specialized Management Streams Course Units
Human Resource Management MBA61023, MBA61033, MBA61043, MBA61053
Marketing Management MBA61063, MBA61073, MBA61083, MBA61093
Accounting and Finance MBA61103, MBA61113, MBA61123 MBA61133
Entrepreneurship MBA61143, MBA61153, MBA61163, MBA61173
Business Technology MBA61183, MBA61193, MBA61203, MBA61213

**those students are required to peruse the dissertation within the subject discipline of selected specialized stream.

Students are allowed to obtain a general MBA without specializing by completing any four course units out of five streams proposed (but it is allowed to read only one course unit referring to a particular stream).

** Those students are allowed to do the dissertation under any subject discipline