Application Forms

  • MBA Application form 
  • Exam application Form 
  • Assignment Guide 
  • Form No : MBA/D/3Request to Renew the Registration
  • Form No : MBA/D/5 – Request to Renew the Registration 
  • PG Diploma_Fallback Option Qualification_Request_Form 


Desecration / Research

  • Desecration / Research paper Guidelines
  • Desecration / Research paper Submission
  • Form No MBA/D/1: The Approval of Dissertation/Research paper Topic
  • Form no MBA/D/2 – Monthly Dissertation/ Research Paper – Progress Report
  • Forms No MBA/D/4 -Notice of Submission of Research paper/ Dissertation
  • Form No. MBA/D/6 -Submission of Dissertation/Research paper for Examination/Re-examination
  • Form No. MBA/D/7 Final Submission for Dissertation/Research paper after Examination