Our Approach

At MBA Kelaniya, we focus on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. We collaborate with local and international partners to bring about a truly international learning experience for our students. We strive to create an atmosphere that strives to enhance students’ learning experience and prepare them to take their careers to next level. The approach of the MBA Kelaniya is further strengthened by the following standout features.

Integrated Curriculum

Traditionally, MBA curriculum is structured in functional silos. At MBA Kelaniya, an integrated curriculum is adopted to foster the development of critical thinking abilities of students to solve business problems and understand the interconnectedness between functions.
The first year of the program consist of core course units and advocates a generalist view. The second year of the programme provides the students with the opportunity either to pursue the generalist programme or to specialize in five different disciplines. The curriculum of the MBA Kelaniya is revised and updated frequently by a curriculum revision committee appointed by the Dean of the FCMS and MBA Management Committee. The course units are carefully selected and designed to develop an understanding of the integrated nature of business functions and decisions.

Teaching and Learning

MBA Kelaniya programme espouses ‘active learning’ strategies, in which teachers are facilitators of learning, and students and teachers collaboratively engaged in a joint process of discovery. A wide range of teaching approaches and techniques are adopted throughout the program that includes lectures, seminars, simulations, case study discussions, and individual and group projects.
The MBA teaching faculty includes a diverse range of experts from various disciplines. They discuss the latest ideas, theories and approaches, and challenges and opportunities facing the businesses across the globe. All the course units in the MBA program are taught by a team of faculty to provide insight into greater range of perspectives and experiences.


MBA Kelaniya envisages the importance of research by advocating students to engage in research in different disciplines. The final semester of the MBA programme has been fully dedicated to research to enhance students’ awareness, skill, and experience in research. Each student is provided with one-to-one supervision by a faculty who is an expert in the area of research project. In addition to the regular lectures and seminars on research methodology, research lab sessions on wide range of topics are conducted by the researchers of the FCMS. All the students in the final semester are required to present their research work at different stages to encourage dissemination of ideas and findings and obtain helpful feedback.

SAP Integrated Learning

Realizing the growing adoption of SAP solutions among local and foreign business organizations, MBA – Kelaniya is offering the opportunity for our students to acquire the necessary expertise in working in SAP based ERP systems. A series of workshops specially designed to cater the MBA students are conducted via SAP-ERP environment offering an integrated business perspective. In addition to that, completion of this programme enables our students to enter into the initial step of learning to become SAP consultants for business solutions.

Co-Curricular Learning Initiatives

MBA Kelaniya has continued to expand its portfolio of co-curricular learning initiatives. The set of co-curricular learning initiatives in the program have been thoroughly researched and selected to meet various expectations of stakeholders.
Workshops, Seminars and Talks
MBA Kelaniya regularly invites local and international high profile speakers from industry and academia to conduct workshops, seminars, and talks throughout the programme. Our students’ benefits from such learning initiatives as it provide them with the opportunity to gain insight into emerging trends and developments, share experiences, and develop networks.

International Study Tours

The concept of international study tour was introduced by the MBA Kelaniya in 2007. The objective of introducing international study tours was to provide students with the opportunity to learn about global and regional business environment and business entities and translate those learning experiences to their own work and organizations. The first international study tour was undertaken to Entrepreneurship Development Institute in Ahmedabad, India. The subsequent international study tours have been undertaken to India, Thailand, and Malaysia. The prestigious universities, institutes, and business organizations that have collaborated with the MBA Kelaniya in their international study tours include Asian Institute of Technology, University Putra Malaysia, MSU, Nirma University, Osram, Guppy Plastics, Arvind Ltd. As the MBA Kelaniya enters its second decade, new destinations and collaborations are being sought to enrich international learning experiences of students.

Outward bound Training Programs (OBT)

MBA Kelaniya has added OBT programmes to its portfolio of co-curricular learning initiatives to enrich experiential learning. The key focus areas of the OBT programs are leadership, communication skills, decision-making, change management, teamwork, and creative thinking.